First of all, let me thank you all for your prayers and support.  They have meant the world to us and we have felt the Lord carrying us through this time.

God has once again blessed us with another smooth surgery.  My friend took her back to the O.R. and Maggie was as happy as could be.  She was waving to everyone as she went down the hall and she amazed them all with her new tinkerbell light toy we bought her at Disney World.  She even took her paci out of her mouth by herself so they could put the mask on her face.  After that she was sound asleep and did beautifully.  Surprisingly, the time flew by because of the many friends and family that we had with us.  Maggie's cardiologist surprised us by coming out and giving us an update herself.  We were shocked to learn that she was already off of the heart and lung bypass machine and that Dr. Gandhi was then working on getting her closed up.  4 hours after we handed her to Lisa, Dr. Gandhi came out and said that he was done and there were no complications.  We are so thankful for the doctors and nurses who performed Maggie's surgery and are continuing to care for her. 

For the first 18 hours after surgery, Maggie was very restless and uncomfortable.  As soon as we would get her calmed down, someone else would ome in to check something else.  This morning she started to perk up after eating some sherbert and drinking some water.  When I left the room, she was watchinig her DVD that mammie made her from our Disney World pictures.  She was enjoying that very much. 

She has gotten her central IV line  and her urinary catheter out.  She has one more IV line that has to come out before we can hold her.  She really wants to see her bubby and she has asked about a couple of her friends.

She is, as always, being so brave.  I am so proud of my Princess Maggie.  She continues to amaze all of us. 

The first thing she said to us after surgery was, "I'm naked.  I'm naked".  She was not happy about not having panties on.  Oh, my sweet girl, I love you so much.