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We had a long day at the hospital today at Maggie's pre-op appointments.  We left the house at 9:00 and got home a little before 5:00.   Maggie wasn't phased at all.  She was an angel all day long.  She only fussed when she got blood drawn.  Other than that she was as happy as could be.
We will get there tomorrow at 6:30 a.m. and they will take her back for surgery at around 7:30.  The surgery should be about 5 hours long.  So, sometime in the afternoon I should be able to see my girl. 
I'm not doing well with this at all.  I did really well up until yesterday and today has been really rough.  I'm scared of what is to come.  I'm trying to place my trust in the Lord but not doing so well today.
Anyway, here is a list of ways you can pray for Maggie, our family, and her doctors. 

Doctors and other Medical Staff

  • Dr. Gandhi (pronounced like candy with a G) as he performs Maggie's 3rd heart surgery.  Please pray for wisdom and guidance.
  • Anesthesiologist: Dr. Kole
  • Nurses.  Please pray that we get exactly the nurses that Maggie needs and pray that she loves them.  This helps so much!
  • Cardiologists
  • Fellows and Residents (this is a teaching hospital so we see lots
    of them).  Sometimes they're wonderful and sometimes they need to admit that they are still students


  • Peace as we place our baby girl in the hands of the medical staff
  • Trust in the Lord fully
  • Strength
    and Energy.  This hospital stay will be the most difficult by far. 
    Maggie hasn't been hospitalized overnight since she was 5 months old. 
    She is a very active little girl with lots of opinions.
  • Trent: 
    please pray that he will do well while we are away for an unknown
    amount of time.  Thankfully, he does not understand the seriousness of
    heart surgery. 
  • Low amount of stress in dealing with extended family

Maggie Jane

  • Peace as she gets poked and prodded leading up to the surgery
  • Best possible outcome of surgery.  Pray that they
    will be able to accomplish exactly what is needed and that her body will respond in the best way.
  • No complications going on and coming off of the heart and lung bypass machine during surgery
  • Pain Management will be as successful as possible
  • Drainage from chest will be minimal.  This is the biggest hurdle for Maggie to overcome during recovery.
  • Quick Recovery
  • Pray that she will return to her happy and spunky self quickly without too many residual fears and emotions

sure there are many more but that's my list for now.  I will never be
able to thank you all enough for all of your prayers and support that
you have given our family.  We love you all so much.