Saturday, was a fun day for our family.  It was really Trent's b-day outing, but it was also just a day for us… a day together. 
We had some free tickets to the Omnimax at the Science Center so we started the day by taking the kids to see The Wild Ocean.  They were both completely enamored by the size of the screen and all of the sea life swimming all around them.  The documentary part was a little too P.C. for me but thankfully the kids didn't get it.  They just sat back and enjoyed the show.  After the show, we took a little time to explore the Science Center but it was pretty much all over their heads.  I've always found that place to be boring, but I'm pretty sure that Trent and his daddy will be spending some days there when he gets older:

Trent loved the giant ball maze/sculpture.  Maggie's hospital has a small ball sculpture and it's their favorite thing and now Trent has a marble track at home that he spends hours with.  Never before had he seen one quite this huge!  He was in complete awe!

August09 128 (2)

August09 129 (2)

Maggie Jane… She just did her thing… 

August09 131 (2)

After the Science Center, we headed to the City Garden which is a new found treasure for us.  The City Garden is a water fountain and sculpture park right in downtown St. Louis.  It is amazing.  There are hundreds of fountains for the kids to play in and 3 different "pools" for them to wade in.  It is absolutely beautiful and the kids had a blast!  (It definitely puts the splashground mentioned in the previous post to shame.)

August09 146 (2)

August09 150 (2)

August09 161 (2)

August09 170 (2)

August09 176 (2)

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August09 204 (2)

August09 221 (2)

Trent was definitely NOT happy to be going home