This week is spent getting ready for Trent's fish birthday party.  That's right, my little man is turning 4 on the 18th.  So hard to believe.  We are having his party early so that we can have the weekend before Maggie's surgery to do some family things and have some down time.  Trent has chosen a fish party which is only natural.  The boy loves monster trucks, golf, and fish.  He reads the "F" encyclopedia just for fun and has memorized almost all of the fish in the book.  We're talking fish called:  humuhumunukunukuapua and common black devil deep sea anglers.  He loves fish.  He had a monster truck party last year so fish party it is.  Maybe golf will be next year.  Who knows.

Anyway, Family Fun Magazine had an article about fun water games to do out side and they had the idea to make sponge balls and use them instead of water balloons.  I love the idea but I'm giving it a little twist.  They are now called "spiny sea urchins" and we are going to have a spiny sea urchin fight.  So, today I have been busy making spiny sea urchins and coming up with other fishy ideas for the big party. 

I bought all of the sponges at Dollar Tree because it takes 3 sponges to make 1 sea urchin.  For anyone interested, here's how you do it:

Cut each sponge in to 5 strips lengthwise.  I used my hubby's utility knife and it worked really well.

August09 081

Then you take some pretty heavy string and cut a piece about a foot long and lay it on the counter.  Stack the sponge pieces 5 across and 3 high on the string.

August09 085 (2)

Then you tie the string around the sponges as tightly as possible.  (really, you pull it as tightly as you can making your fingers feel like they will be cut in two).  I did a couple good knots and then fluffed them out a little.

August09 086 (2)

Do this about 20 more times and you have enough for a spiny sea urchin fight!  We are going to fill up the baby pool with water and put them in there.  So they can keep re-wetting them.  Because what fun would a dry spiny sea urchin fight be?  I'll let you know how it goes and how long it takes my fingers to heal (just kidding they're not that bad).