Today was quite the day!  My little girl was so brave!  I am still amazed at her courage.  She wore her new princess hospital gown that her mammie made for her and the socks that she picked out at Target.  She was quite the little diva!  We had the same two nurses that we had for her sedated echo in May and they were absolutely wonderful once again.  She let them get her vital signs without a fuss.  She told them which leg to put the cuff on and where to put the pulse ox light.  She thought she needed the numbing cream on all hands and feet and let them know about that. 

Then the doctor came in to talk to us.  I found out on tuesday that we would be having Dr. Murphy performing the cath.  Hmmmm.  I had never heard of him before so I looked him up online.  Oh great!  He had only been in practice for 1 year!  This made me pretty nervous.  As soon as I met him today, I knew that I like him.  He was so personable and Maggie loved him right away.  She was teasing him right off the bat which is a really good sign.  When they took her she didn't shed a tear.  She got to go play with some bubbles and was quite happy. 

They had a hard time getting her to sleep… no big suprise!  Things were smooth sailing once they got her to sleep.  Dr. Murphy said that everything looked "perfect".  As perfect as half a heart can look!  They did block some collaterals which we knew would be necessary and they even found a ?fetal vessel? of some osort that needed to be blocked so that it wouldn't interfere with the upcoming fontann circuit.  Dr. Murphy and Dr. Sharkey (Maggie's cardiologist) are both in agreement that she is ready for the Fontann.  So, I have a surgery to schedule. 

It is necessary for her to remain flat on her back and still for 6 hours afterwards to allow proper clotting at the catheter entrance sights, and she stayed sedated for the whole 6 hours after the cath!  This was a huge answer to prayer.  We did not have to restrain her at all.  She came out of the sedation at precisely the right time and we were on our way home.  She snacked all the way home and requested to go see her Papa who was supposed to be there when she woke up but left to go get Trent.  She was not happy with this so we made a stop to see him before heading him.  The princess is now sleeping soundly and I hope she sleeps all night! 

She was as all princesses are… beautifully courageous!  I am one proud mama.

There are pics and a story of our day on my mom's blog: