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We had an amazing time on our Florida vacation.  We made so many memories and celebrated an amazing little girl.  The theme this year at Disney is "Celebrate" and I just about cried when they asked what we were all celebrating.  I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs, "I'm celebrating the life of the strongest and bravest 2 year old in the world"… but I didn't.  I picked her up and gave her the biggest hug and cherished the moment. 

There are so many details that I could share with you, but I will just share our favorites:

Trent's favorite… SEA WORLD!  Big surprise!  The boy loves fish and sea life so he was in heaven.  He got to feed the dolphins, pet the sting rays, see sea lions, sea horses, baracoudas, sharks, other fish, and of course… SHAMU! 

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Maggie's favorite… the "tastle"!  The girl was completely enamored with Cinderella's castle.  It was so sweet.  She got excited every time she caught a glimpse of the castle.  She also LOVED meeting the princesses and I think they liked meeting her too.

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My favorite… the fireworks over the castle!  It decided to rain and I mean RAIN the first night at Disney.  We waited in our car for almost an hour for the downpour to slow and then we headed back in to the park.  Then we waited for another 1 hour for them to decide that it was safe to do the show.  So at about 10:30 p.m. they started the show and it was worth the wait.  I held my Maggie Jane with her cheek pressed against my face and I cherished the moments as she just took it all in.  I will remember this moment forever. 

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My other favorite… breakfast with Elmo and friends!  Both kids loved this but Trent really loved it!  He enjoyed meeting all of the characters and took it upon himself to tell each of them what he was going to see that day at Sea World.  "Bert, I need to tell you something," he would say.  "You know what I'm gonna see at Sea World?  I'm gonna see fishies, and jelly fish, and baracoudas, and sting rays, and a KILLER WHALE!"  Each of them listened so intently.  It was so cute! 

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I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story.  So, enjoy the show…  Our Celebration Trip