Never before has the 19 months that separated my children's births seemed so small.  I have never felt like they were too close in age or that it was a difficult age difference.  UNTIL NOW!  Lately, it seems like I have twins.  Not because Trent is acting younger than his age but because Maggie finds it necessary to do everything he's doing.  If he's throwing a fit she throws a fit, if he's whining then she's whining, if he's being loud then she's loud, if he's playing with his favorite set of golf clubs then she needs to play with them as well… you get the point.  She's not just doing all of the bad stuff.  Some of it is that she has grown up soooooo much in the last month.  She is talking non stop and is very easy to understand, she loves to play with her bubby, and she wants to do everything for herself.  The other part of it is that they have just started playing together ALOT and with playing together comes the fighting.  So, anyway, right now it seems like I gave birth to twins and I'm not used to it at all yet.  I have been really impatient and short with them lately.  So, I guess I have to get used to my two amazing kiddos who are learning what it means to be brother and sister.