I scheduled Maggie's Cardiac Cath today and that was really hard.  It made it way too real.  I almost started crying on the phone when the cath scheduler asked me when we were wanting to have the surgery.  (She needed to know this so she knew when to schedule the cath)  However, I wasn't expecting this question.  When we left Dr. Sharkey's office, the surgery was still very up in the air.  It was left up to us.  Today, I realized that it really is going to happen (most likely).  Maggie's cardiac cath will be on July 23rd and if she has surgery it will be within a month after that.  I am starting to get overwhelmed with emotions and I am trying to not do too much planning in my head.  I'm trying to figure out all of the logistics and I need to just wait.  So, I'm doing my best to focus on our trip and how much fun we are going to have.

People ask how I'm doing.  Well, today was not the best day, but I'm surviving.