Maggie had her appointment with Dr. Sharkey today.  She was sooooooo brave and I am so proud of her.  She let them do anything they wanted:  blood pressure, oxygen sats check, listening with the stethoscope, etc… as long as they understood that they would not be giving her a shot.  She kept telling the nurse, "NO SHOTS".  Dr. Sharkey was very impressed with how well she did and with how big she was.  Her oxygen saturations were at 80 % today and that is not too bad.  I really expected Dr. Sharkey to say that they were good and that we would wait until next spring to do anything.  However, she did not like the fact  that Maggie has been so short of breath and turning blue with activity.  So, we will be doing a cardiac catheterization this summer and after that we will decide about surgery.  She is definitely big enough for the surgery.  The minimum weight is 10 kilos and she is 12 kilos (27 pounds).  However, they usually don't like to do it on a 2 yr. old because of how they tolerate the hospital stay.  I honestly can't imagine that a 3 yr. old is going to like being in the hospital any more than a 2 year old.  The one medical reason to wait is that they do put a homograft in for this surgery and they can put a larger one in if the kiddo is bigger.  So, there are lots of things to consider. 

Basically, if they do the cath and they don't see any reason to not do the surgery, the decision will be left up to us.  This is the first time that we have really had any say in the timing of these procedures and we don't really like it.  In so many ways it would be easier for them to just tell us what they are going to do.  There are so many things to consider when making this decision.  I can't imagine how blue and short of breath she will be if we wait until next year. 

The other big decision we have to make is much less important.  We want Maggie to be able to go to Disney World before this cath and surgery.  Which means, we really need to go this June (we could go later in the summer, but we really don't want to go in July or August due to the heat).  So, we have lots of vacation plans to make.  Thankfully, my brother and SIL have been 2 times now and my SIL is a pro at disney vacations.  I am hopefully headed over there to make plans today. 

My stomach is in knots and I haven't fully digested all of this information.  I haven't even had me a good cry yet, but I'm sure that will come later tonight.  We appreciate all of your prayers and support and we love you all so much!