In the heart world, Maggie is considered "pre-fontan".  It has been 1 1/2 years since her Glenn surgery and she is now officially closer to her next surgery (Fontan) than not.  The first year after the Glenn was wonderful.  I knew the Fontan was quite some time away and I could just enjoy my baby girl who rarely showed symptoms of being a "heart baby".  However, we are now in that "I wonder if it's time" period again.  I am pretty sure that the Fontan is still several months away, but man it is obvious she is getting closer.  She gets short of breath when she:  walks through the house, brushes her teeth, takes a drink, chases her bubby, plays with her cousins, laughs, pushes her baby in her stroller… you get the idea.  Anything that requires movement makes her huff and puff.  However, does that stop my girl?  NO WAY!  She does her best to keep up with her bubby and her cousins and doesn't have a clue that she can't.  Tonight she was playing with her cousins and was really wound up and she was so blue.  Her nose, fingers, toes were all very purple.  I had to make her sit down and I HATE THAT!  She doesn't understand and she wants to just play. 
She had her sedated echocardiogram this past thursday and things went pretty well.  It's quite the long story, but let's just say that she didn't react the way they expected her to.  They were finally able to get the echo done and we are now waiting for her appointment with her cardiologist, Dr. Sharkey.  We will see her on Tuesday and we should know more after that.  I really don't expect surgery this summer, but we'll see. 
I am so ready for them to do something, but I'm not.  I can't stand the thought of putting her through another open heart surgery and the recovery that will follow.  I am terrified about everything that involves.  However, the pre-fontan stuff really sucks stinks!  I am ready to move on to the next part of our journey.  I am ready for a PINK Maggie.