Yesterday, marked one week that we have been living in our new house and we are LOVING IT!  We are settling in quite nicely.  Ryan and I have both said that we didn't realize how much we missed our own space and things.  Trent took a little while to adjust to not being at Papa and Mammie's.  He's doing much better, but still adjusting.  Maggie is just fine.  She loves her new room!  Even more, she loves having her bubby's room so close to hers.  They have been playing together so much more this last week. 
I am almost completely unpacked.  There are several boxes in the basement storage area that I need to go through and pull out stuff to get rid of, but other than that we are UNPACKED! 
Ryan and I both have lots of projects to get completed:  landscaping, planting grass, installing cabinet hardware, organizing the garage, installing fence, etc…  However, we are settling in quite nicely. 

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