April09 231 (2)

We got the occupancy permit today so we're movin in!  The final cleaning should be finished tomorrow around noon and we will start moving in as soon as the cleaner leaves.  I am so excited but already anxious to get unpacked.  We plan to move as much from my mom and dad's tomorrow and hopefully sleep in our house tomorrow night for the first time.  On Saturday, we will move everything from storage, and that will be like Christmas.  I haven't seen that stuff for almost a year.  Anyway, several of you have asked for new pictures so they are in the house project album.  I didn't get them cropped but they are there.  There is tons of landscaping to be done.  We are doing it all ourselves so it will take a little while.  I have it all planned out and budgeted for… we just have to get unpacked and then the real work begins!  Anyway, enjoy the pics.  The master bath and closet are my favorite.  Oh, and I love my hardwood floors!