I want to introduce you to a very special family.  The Marquiss family's life was hit with a tidal wave this summer when they found out that their beautiful son would be born with very complex heart issues:  severe heart defects and his heart would be outside of his chest.  The doctors did not expect him to make it past 20 weeks gestation much less live past birth.  Let's just say that this little guy has surprised everyone since day 1.  Click on over to meet a new friend of mine:  Marquiss Family  I know that you will enjoy getting to know her and her beautiful family as much as I have.

I have enjoyed getting to know baby Ryan's sweet mommy, Leighann.  She is doing an amazing job adjusting to her new life as a heart mom to a very special little guy.  Plus she has two young girls at home as well.  They have a lengthy commute to the hospital and Ryan has been there for several weeks now.  Please join me in praying for this sweet family.

*Plus, I love her last post.  It is an amazing testimony to God's love and faithfulness to His children.