Maggie's party was a big hit.  I spent hours cutting out flowers and butterflies for her cake and decorations.  There were butterflies hanging from the ceiling and her daddy drew some butterflies on the front walk to greet her guests.  There was a sign hanging on the front door that said, "flutter on thru cause Maggie turned 2".  She was so excited as each person arrived:  aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, grandparents, and of course "Do-Do".  She couldn't wait to open her presents and guarded them from the other children until it was time to open them.  She couldn't believe that they were all for her and kept asking, "me?, me?".  Her favorite present was her red wagon from mommy and daddy.  It will get lots of use going  from our new house to mammie and papa's house.  She enjoyed being sung to and tried to blow out the candles.  She had lots of fun eating her cake and ice cream and playing with her friends and cousins.  It was a wonderful celebration of her 2 amazing years with us.  Happy Birthday, baby girl.  We love you more than you will ever know.