Yesterday we took Trent and Maggie to the butterfly house and we had an amazing time.  I don't think we have had such a good time as a family in quite some time (added bonus: we only spent $6!).  For those of you in the St. Louis area, you have to go to the butterfly house!  There are what Trent calls "uglllyyy bugs" when you first walk in and they really enjoyed looking at them.  Maggie kept saying "bleeghhh" every time she saw the millipeeds, hissing cockroaches, and tarantulas.  After looking at the "ugly bugs" we headed on in to the butterfly area.  As soon as we walked in, there were butterflies everywhere.  We have been there a few times before, but there has never been this many butterflies.  It was amazing and a little overwhelming for the kids at first.  Maggie wanted to be held for awhile but she eventually warmed up.  The funniest part about the whole day was that the butterflies thought that Trent's hair gel was quite tasty.  They kept dive bombing his head and it really freaked him out.  We did our best to keep him from swatting at them.  However, that is the natural reaction for a 3 yr. old when he has something landing on his head.  Maggie and Trent had a wonderful time looking at the butterflies and the waterfalls.  I had a special visitor on my back the whole time we were in there.  After we had seen as many butterflies as we could, we headed on out for a picnic.  We ate pretty quickly because it was sooooo windy.  We sang happy birthday to Maggie Jane and then the kids got to play at the awesome playground.

We had a very special day together and I will remember it forever.  This is a new tradition for us.  We will always have a birthday party with family and friends for the kids, but we will do our best to also have a special day just for us and the kids.

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