I've been hearing about THE ONLY way to potty train ever since my first niece was born.  My mom apparently was the only mother who had ever potty trained her child successfully.  (Mom, you know I'm just kidding).  She really wasn't this emphatic about it but she did always tell me her opinion about the best/fastest way to potty train a kiddo. 

When you decide the time is right, get rid of the diapers!  Once you take the diaper off, don't put it back on again.  (I can't tell you how many times I've heard that one)  Leave their butt naked and if they have an accident, the pee will run down their leg, and they won't like it!  They will very quickly get the idea that the pee isn't going to be magically caught by something between their legs, and will eventually learn that the pee goes in the toilet.  "If you are willing to do this, you will have a potty trained kiddo in no time", she would always say.

So, this is basically the approach that I take with my kids.  I do not use diapers once I take them off, and I rarely use a pull-up.  I don't see much difference between pull-ups and diapers.  I do use them at naps and bed time.  I do use them when we go out.  However, they don't get to just wear the pull-up.  They wear their underwear first and then the pull-up.  This allows them to feel the nastiness if they have an accident yet it doesn't get all over their car seat or other things.
I used this method with Trent and he was completely potty trained in 1 1/2 weeks.  Yes, it makes for a tiring 1-2 weeks but in my opinion it is totally worth it.  This kept it from dragging on and on with Trent and I am hoping it does the same with Maggie. 

With Trent, I used the pee in the potty gets stickers and stickers get prizes approach.  He would get a sticker every time he went in the potty and every 10 stickers he got a prize (usually a small monster truck).  This worked beautifully for my then 2 1/2 year old boy who LIVES for monster trucks.  I assumed that this would work with Maggie Jane as well.

We said good-bye to the diapers on Tuesday morning and we had a little bit of a rough day on Tuesday.  I wasn't very patient and I was very frustrated by the end of the day.  However, I took a deep breath when I went to bed and told myself that I had to be more patient and make it more fun.  I also realized that the stickers/prizes weren't really working for Maggie.  She's not even 2 yrs old yet and it wasn't quite immediate enough.  So, she gets a treat (fruit snack, m & m, skittle)  every time she goes in the potty.  This worked wonderfully yesterday!  Yesterday was a wonderful day in potty training world.  She wore the same pair of panties all day long with no accidents!  I was way more patient and she loved getting her treats. 

I am so proud of my baby big girl and I can't believe that she is already starting to potty train.  Again, like I said before I wasn't planning on starting this until late summer.  Oh well, she had a different idea which seems to be a trend with my girl.