When you ask Maggie if she is a baby she emphatically says, "NO, BIG!" and this is becoming true very quickly.  She has decided to expedite the process of becoming big and has started potty training herself.  You see, I, of course, had a plan.  I was going to wait to potty train her until after any procedures or surgeries she may have this summer.  However, she had a different idea.  She has been asking to go potty for a while but I have been ignoring it, but last week she woke up with a dry diaper so Ryan put her on the potty.  And what did she do?  She went pee!  Now, she has been telling us she needs to go pee quite frequently and she goes.  She even pooped on the potty today!  So, I guess it is time to start.  I have a pretty definite opinion about how potty training works best and that is to not mess around with it.  You either start or you don't.  So, no more messing around!  We're gonna potty train our girl!  We bought her big girl panties and she loves them so the adventure begins!