Last week involved LOTS of painting.  The painter started on monday and got everything primed and the ceilings painted by Tuesday evening.  We started on wednesday morning.  Ryan took off work and we had lots of helpers.  We hired a sitter for wednesday and thursday and then Ryan's mom and niece helped watch them on friday.  If we had not had help with the kids we could not have gotten it done.  We also had lots of help painting:  my mom and dad, ryan's mom, my brother, Jay, and Shauntae.  We are so thankful for all of the helping hands and we LOVE the end result.  I mentioned before, that my mom's friend helped me with the paint color selection and I LOVE all of the colors.  Our new home is cheery and welcoming.  In fact, it's so welcoming that I can't wait to get in it. 

Trent and Maggie did not understand why we were gone so much last week.  They are not used to me being gone all day, every day so that was a little rough some times.  Trent's hero, Papa, suggested that he get to help paint his room.  I thought my dad was crazy but we let him and he had a blast.  He was so proud of himself and loved getting in on the action. 

March 109 

There are more pics in the house project album