Our house is getting so close.  I keep saying that it is like the last month of a pregnancy.  You can see the end in sight but it takes forever to get there.  The exterior is getting close to being finished.  They have to hang the ext. lights and finish the back steps.  We will do the final grating and seeding when spring gets here.  The interior is taking shape as well.  All of the drywall is hung and the taper will start this weekend.  A week from Monday, we will start painting!  So, I have to have all of my colors finalized so we can go buy the paint.  A friend of my mom's whose house looks like a Pottery Barn magazine home is going to help me tomorrow with my color decisions.  I have a look in mind but I'm not sure how to get there, and of course my good friend who went to school for interior design lives in TX!  There's only so much you can do through email.  Our living room furniture is ordered and except for new bar stools, we're not getting any other new furniture.  I have some revamping of some of my old that I want to do:  painting, adding some moulding, cushions, etc…  However, that requires getting the furniture out of storage and that won't happen until we move.  So, it will be a work in progress but I am so excited to get moved in.  We're thinking that we'll be in there by the middle of April!  Yay!