Picture 535

This past Saturday was Trent's favorite day of the year…  It was Monster Jam!  I am quite sure that he was more excited on Saturday than he was on Christmas or his birthday.  I know it sounds crazy, but I'm not kidding.  The boy loves monster trucks.  We tried to not talk about it much until after his nap because I knew he would be too excited to take a nap otherwise.  So, we woke him up from his nap and got him dressed and told him where we were going.  I wish I had a picture or video of him at this moment.  He got sooooo excited and while we were waiting to leave, he wanted to watch his monster jam video.  You know, a pre-show warm up.  We hit the road with a couple of his trucks in hand and headed to the restaurant to eat.  Trent was all business and saw no need to eat.   He had places to go and trucks to see.  We were able to convince him to eat and thankfully the restaurant was fast.  I don't think that he would have waited much longer.  After he was done eating, he crawled under the table and started to make his exit.  Apparently, we were taking too long and he didn't want to wait for us.  We all hurried up and got the boy to Monster Jam.  Let me explain his obsession just a little bit:  Trent knows the names of all but maybe 5 trucks and there are probably 40 in the circuit.  He also knows the drivers of almost all of them.  I got online and checked to see who was going to be there and realized that one of his favorite trucks would not be driven by the normal guy.  I told him that Grave Digger was going to be driven by Charlie Pauken instead of Dennis Anderson and then I asked him who Charlie Pauken normally drives.  He then says, "hmmm… let me think.  Oh, I know, Charlie Pauken drives Monster Mutt."  That's a true monster jam fan.

Once we got there, he was in heaven.  Most of his favorite trucks were there and several of his favorite people were there as well.  Uncle Luke, Claire, Lawson, Papa, Mommy, Daddy, Uncle Seth, Seth R., Uncle David, Joe and Grant were all there and this made it an extra special night.  He was completely captivated all night and his favorite truck of the night was Donkey Kong.  He even got a new Donkey Kong hat and he loves it!  I actually enjoy monster jam.  These trucks do amazing things and I do enjoy watching them, but most of the time I watched my favorite little guy.  He gets so excited every time a new race starts or a new truck comes out for freestyle.  Every time they make a jump, his whole body tenses up and he jumps up and down.  I have to say that he would have stayed there forever if we would have let him.  He was not very happy when it was over and he talked about it most of the way home.  I am pretty sure that this will be a yearly tradition for us, and maybe next year we will get there really early and take him to the pit party.  I can't think of anything he would enjoy more.  What can I say, my boy loves monster trucks and I love him!

Monster Jam 2009 Pictures