I haven't written much lately about my Maggie Jane.  She is quite the little something, and it is so hard to describe her.  She is in to everything at every moment and she believes that it is her sole responsibility in life to take care of EVERYONE else.  She tells us where to sit, when to put our shoes on, brings us our coats, tells us when to get up, what to wear, etc…  She knows what belongs to each person and doesn't like it when someone uses the wrong person's stuff (except for her, of course).  She knows what the routine should be and lets us know if we do it out of order.  She is starting to talk quite a bit and repeats every word we say.  She has become very aware of her scar and asks "what's that" every time she gets undressed.  We tell her that's how Dr. Gandhi fixed her heart and she now says "nandy" when we ask her who fixed her heart.  She is very compassionate when anyone else gets hurt and was very concerned when a lady at church had a cast on her arm.  She is so very attached to her Fu-Fu (her bunny blankie) and her paci.  She has just recently started playing with her babies, and in fact there are two in bed with her right now.  She loves her cousins and her Uncle Do-Do (Uncle Luke) has a very special place in her heart right now.  I don't think that Do-Do could do any wrong in Mag's eyes.  She can't wait to move in to her new room.  She knows exactly which room is hers and loves to go see it.  Mags is a source of constant entertainment and laughter.  I love her so much and I treasure every minute with her. 

So, with all that said, here are some new pics of my blue eyed, blond hair, bossy, sweet, silly, compassionate, Do-Do obsessed, baby loving, 22 month old:

DSC_5612 copy

T&M09_030 copy 

Here's My silly little girl showing us where her toes are:

T&M09_027 copy 

My Beautiful Little Girl

T&M09_017bw copy 

T&M09_021bw7x5 copy