Whether you all knew it or not, I now have a 5 year old boy.  Yep, he skipped his 4 yr. b-day and went straight to 5.  Trent's cousin, Lawson, turned 5 at the beginning of February, and apparently so did Trent.  Pretty much as soon as Lawson turned 5, Trent informed us that he was now 5 as well.  We played along thinking that it wouldn't last long.  Well, my sweet 3 1/2 yr. old is still 5.  We have been trying to stress that he is really 3 1/2 yrs. old but that he can pretend to be 5 if he wants to.

Feast your eyes on the most handsome "pretending to be 5 year old" that I have ever seen:


This "pretending to be 5 yr. old" has gained a new found independence.  My little boy who wanted me to do everything for him including:  take him to the bathroom, pull his pants down, stay in there while he does his duty, pull his pants back up, wash his hands, get him dressed, turn lights on and off, etc… is now doing all of these things for himself.  Pretty much as soon as he "turned 5" he became quite independent.  It is wonderful!  I was actually dreading the battle of getting him to do all of these things himself.  I knew he could do them, he just hadn't wanted to yet.  It's amaing what a very fast 1 1/2 years will do!  Enjoy a couple more pics of my sweet little boy:


  There will be pics of Mags coming in a couple days.  This post was all about my sweet boy.  Here's one of the big "5 year old" with his little sis:


(Let's just say that there will be some pretty large prints of these in our house when it gets finished)