February 14th is a special day for our family.  This year, I have put some extra thought into our "heart day".  I have tried to figure out the traditions that we will have and how we will explain them to Trent and Maggie.  I had originally thought that it would be Maggie's day.  A day to spoil her and do special things with her.  However, I wasn't totally okay with that.  While Maggie's heart will have the biggest impact on her own life, it has changed our whole family.  So, I wanted this to be a day that was for all of us.  A day for our heart family.  I explained it to Trent today in this way:  God chose us to be Maggie's family which means that He chose to make us a "heart family".  This makes us an extra special family.  So, this is why we celebrate "heart day".  God has made us a heart family and we will celebrate that with everything that we can.

This morning, the kids woke up to a dining room all decorated with hearts and balloons.  There were gifts for each of them and a special breakfast.  Maggie, of course, got a rose from her daddy and I got her a tu-tu (which she loves!).  Trent got a little lego set and I don't think he could have been happier.  We enjoyed our time together at the table and then the kids got to play with their gifts.  I enjoyed just watching them.  Trent and Maggie enjoy life to the fullest and I love that about them!  Our morning did not end here.

This year, my life has forever been changed.  A very special little girl was born on December 2nd, 2008 and I will never be the same.  Let me tell you a little bit about her.  She was beautiful in every way and she was so strong.  She had beautiful, sparkling eyes that captured your gaze.  She loved her paci that she got from the hospital and she loved to eat.  She, like most babies, wanted to be held at all times and she loved her mommy and daddy very much.  Her mommy would have done anything for her, and her daddy was wrapped about as tightly around her finger as she could get him.  She, too, had a very special heart and after fighting very, very hard, she went home to be with her heavenly father on January 30, 2009.  Kaitlyn Grace was loved by so many and we will all miss her very much.  Trent asks about her and we have tried very hard to explain it all to him.  He doesn't quite understand, but I think he grasps a little more each time.  We wanted to include her in our special day today.  So, one of the balloons that graced our table this morning had her name on it.  After breakfast, we went outside, and sent Kaitlyn her balloon.  This is something we will do every year to honor her beautiful life.  We miss you Kaitlyn Grace.

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This was a our "heart day", and to all of the other "heart families" out there, we wish you a very special Heart Day!