We have been in Colorado since Saturday morning, and we are having a blast.  It is always so relaxing here as we don't get in a hurry about doing anything.  Monday, we (Ryan, my Dad, and I) went skiing for the whole day and then we took today pretty easy.  We took the kids sledding and then we drove around to see some scenery.  Tomorrow and Thursday we will go skiing again.  With our ski rental we got free ski rental for Trent.  So, we've been letting him just play around on his skis on the driveway.  This lets him get used to them a little and not be frustrated.  They both love sledding.  Maggie absolutely loves it.  When her sled tipped and she was face down in the snow, she didn't even cry.  On Friday, we are going to take a sleigh ride which should be lots of fun.  I hope to post pictures tomorrow.  We'll see if it happens. As I said, we are taking it pretty easy!