Lil' miss Abbie may be going home from the hospital tomorrow!  Her mama got the feeding tube in her successfully which is a big relief.  Most heart kids have feeding issues and it takes them a while to learn to take a bottle.  She'll get it.  It just might take a while.  They pulled her chest tubes today and they will do a chest x-ray tomorrow.  As long as the chest x-ray is clear of fluid, she should get to go home tomorrow.  Wow! 

As you all know, this is a little girl who was not given very good chances before she was born.  However, God knew differently.  He knew that He gave her some extra veins on her heart that would save her life.  This is another example of how He alone is in control, and for that I am so grateful.  God is good.  We don't always understand the "why's" but He sees the big picture. 

Thank you, God, for holding Abbie in your healing hands.  Please continue to hold this precious life and make her recovery smooth.  Give her parents confidence as they are caring for her.  Give them peace as they enter another part of this very scary journey.  You are an amazing God, and I love you so much.  Amen