Here is a glimpse into our last few weeks:

Nov08 007 (2) 

Maggie loves to "help" me with laundry.  She also likes to put her Daddy's socks on.

Nov08 010 (2) 

Nov08 013 (2) 

Dancing with Cousin Claire

Nov08 019 (2) 

Maggie's 1st Pony Tail.  She looked so cute.

Nov08 029 (2) 

Trent thought it would be funny to stuff all of his stuffed animals in his p.j.'s.  Silly boy!

Nov08 031 (2) 

Papa is very good at accumulating junk mail and papers around his chest of drawers.  So, Maggie decided she should help him get rid of some of his piles.  She was very good at throwing stuff away.  That's my girl!

Nov08 052 (2)

Nov08 055 (2)