I am sorry that I have not kept you updated today.  I knew nothing until about 30 minutes ago.  Abbie was born today and weighed 7 pounds!  She is doing relatively well.  She came out crying and cried until they put her ventilator in.  They immediately took her to the cath lab.  With Hypoplastic left heart syndrome it is mandatory that the baby have an Atrial Septal Defect (hole in the atrium).  However, Abbie's has been closing while she was in the womb.  This is why she had to have a cardiac cath today.  They needed to open the ASD.  Abbie was in the cath lab for over 5 hours and they were not able to get the ASD open.  However, Abbie "somehow" (miraculously) had some extra veins that are serving the purpose of the ASD.  However, they are quite small and will not provide adequate blood supply. So her 1st surgery (Norwood) will be tomorrow or Thursday.  She is stable right now and she has oxygen saturations of 92%.  However, her "plumbing" is very different from what they are used to so it will be an even more difficult surgery.  Please pray for wisdom for the doctors as they decide when to do the surgery and that God will guide their hands and minds.  Pray for Abbie to remain strong and to fight, fight, fight.  Pray for Abbie's mommy who feels quite distant being at Barnes instead of Children's hospital with her baby.  Pray that Abbie's mommy will recover quickly and pray for strength for Abbie's dad.  Also, pray for rest for EVERYONE.