Tomorrow, Nov. 18th, a sweet baby girl will enter this world.  Baby Abbie will be born tomorrow as long as her lungs prove to be developed through the amniocentesis.  Abbie has Hypoplastic Left heart Syndrome but also has some additional severe heart defects that make her situation even more difficult.  As soon as she is born she will be taken to the cardiac cath lab to try to correct some of the additional issues.  Abbie will need to recover from the cath before they can do the first of her 3 life saving surgeries.  Please keep this family in your prayers tomorrow.  Pray for Abbie's parents that God will give them strenth, peace, and comfort.  Please pray for Abbie's big sister (16 months old) who will have her life turned upside down tomorrow.  Please pray for Abbie's mom to recover quickly from her c-section so that she can join her sweet little girl at the children's hospital.  Pray for the doctor and medical staff as they minister to Abbie and Abbie's mom.  Thank you all for your prayers.  I know that God is always in control, but that doesn't make this any less scary for this family.