To Trent and Maggie, there is not much better than a room full of cousins.  Trent and Maggie are so blessed to have ALOT of cousins who live pretty close.  All of their "Holestine" cousins live within 15 minutes and the "Broeker" cousins (Ryan's sister's kids) live 1 hour and 15 minutes away.  In my book, that makes them pretty lucky.  My cousins all lived hours away and most of them were quite a bit older than me. 
Trent and Maggie's faces light up when they see any of their cousins walk through the door.  As parents, we are blessed that all of our siblings are doing their best to teach their children to love the Lord.  This makes it very easy for our kids to be around each other without any issues.  My children are truely blessed.

This Tuesday is Ryan's Mom's 60th birthday.  Karin (Ryan's sister) and I threw her a surprise birthday party this past Saturday.  It went great!  Her present?  Well, we surprised her with pictures of all of her grandkids together.  This was a very spur of the moment thing, but we managed to pull it off.  We were able to coordinate their clothes (all 7 of them) quite well, and I think the pictures are AWESOME!  It was quite cold that morning (42 degrees, I think) but the kids were troopers anyway.  You can see in some of the pictures that Maggie's poor little face was purple and towards the end she was very tired of being cold.

Here are pictures of Trent and Maggie with some of their sweet and adorable cousins.

We actually got all 7 looking at the camera at once!




Having fun in the leaves.


Just the Boys


Just the girls.  At this point, Maggie was very tired of being cold.


The Broeker kids.  Let me tell you, these 5 kids are some of the sweetest kids you will ever meet.  The older ones (especially Carileen) help out with the little ones and they are learning what it truely means to love and serve the Lord.  Their parents are doing an amazing job.