Oct08 026

I really love it when families can all coordinate their costumes with one theme.  Last year Trent and Maggie were Mickey and Minnie and it was adorable.  However, this year, it just didn't happen.  I wanted Maggie to be something cute and girly and I wanted Trent to really love his costume.  So, Maggie was an adorable flower and Trent was his favorite monster truck, Blue Thunder.  Ryan spent ALOT of time making Trent's costume… I mean ALOT.  Thankfully, he has more artistic ability that I do.  I think it turned out pretty darn good.  It must have looked pretty good because he got lots of complements.  He was so proud of his costume which was pretty cute.  Maggie was, of course, the cutest flower you've ever seen.  We had lots of fun which is what it is all about.

Oh yeah, thankfully Trent got over his fear of wearing his costume.  Friday morning he was terrified of wearing the costume.  Somehow, his Nana convinced him that it would be great fun to wear it and then he did not want to take it off.  Thanks, Nana!

You can see more pictures here:  http://republicansoccermom.typepad.com/photos/halloween-08/