This is the first year that we have made it to the pumpkin patch.  We went with our friends', Jay and Shauntae.  I was hoping for a nice cool, fall day.  You know, cool enough to wear cute fall clothes.  Oh well, it was a little warm for that as you will see from their bright red faces.  Anyway, we had fun walking around, looking at LOTS of pumpkins, swinging, playing on an old time fire truck, and going on a hay ride.  Trent wanted to swing the whole time and Maggie wanted to run off.  We ended the evening with a yummy dinner at Red Lobster.  Hopefully, we will be able to make this an annual tradition and we look forward to next year when Jay and Shauntae will have their sweet (soon to arrive) baby girl, Kaitlyn, with them.

My two "pumpkins".  I have to say that they are getting pretty good at posing together. 

  Septandoct08 022 (2)

Wow!  Look at all of those pumpkins!

    Septandoct08 041 (2) 

And, she's off!  Maggie got all the way to the end of the pumpkins before we caught her.  She's pretty darn fast.

 Septandoct08 042 (2) 

Trent ate the powdered sugar off of Mr. Jay's funnel cake.  Shauntae, how did you manage to get  out of all of the pictures?  Next time, I'm getting one of you!

 Septandoct08 047 (2) 

Septandoct08 048 (2) 

You gotta love that smile!

 Septandoct08 054 (2) 

Maggie was avoiding the camera.  She would not look at me. 

 Septandoct08 060 (2)  

Septandoct08 068 (2)