I thought I might give you a few snippets into our life lately just to catch up on some things.

  • As a I said in the previous post, Trent is a 3 year old and with that comes a lot of excitement.  He's still my sweet little boy and makes us laugh every day.  Oh yeah, he's also eating us out of house and home.
  • Maggie is 18 months old now… hard to believe.  She is starting to say a few more words but has her only little way of communicating.  She is so busy and into everything.  She LOVES playing outside and reading books. 
  •  How's the house coming?  I hear that a lot lately.  We are trying to figure out what we can afford to build.  We are just about there and I would guess that we would break ground in the next month or so.  It's been a slow process but we will get there.  It has definitely been a test of my patience.
  • Ryan has been really busy at work and busy at home crunching numbers trying to figure out what we can afford to build. 
  • I have started a part time (very part time) job doing some office work for a friend.  I really like getting out of the house 2 mornings a week and it helps pay the bills.
  • Maggie has an appointment with Dr. Sharkey tomorrow.  We will get the results from her echo and see how Dr. Sharkey thinks things are going.  Maggie has been a little more blue lately and we don't know if that is a normal part of this process or if it means her Fontann is getting closer.  We'll see…   My poor baby also has her 18 month check up with her pediatrician on wednesday so she'll be pretty sick of doctors by that point. 

I think this pretty much catches us up with the main events.