Maggie's echo went pretty well on Friday.  They of course had to ask lots of questions and after she would not let them listen with a stethescope or get any of her vitals they gave her some versed.  Versed is an oral med that sedates you a little bit and helps them not remember being put out with the anesthesia.  After she was pretty groggy, they took her back and got things going.  We had our normal ultrasound tech.  They put her to sleep with some gas and then we left the room.  They then had to use general anesthesia through an i.v. and then they did her echo.  All in all, she was back there for about an hour.  We had been told that kids usually wake up VERY crabby after having versed.  This was definitely true for Maggie Jane.  She was a little she-devil.  She didn't calm down until we were halfway home.  She was screaming like I have never heard her scream before.  However, she got home and took a nap and then was fine.  We will not get the results from the echo until we see Dr. Sharkey on Oct. 14th.