Before Maggie was born, my Mom bought her a little lovey blanket from Pottery Barn Kids.  We both thought it was adorable and so soft.  Maggie had it with her for both of her surgeries and I always tried to let her snuggle with it.  She didn't really become attached to it until February or so.  However, she has made up for lost time.  She is VERY attached to it.  She has to have it any time she goes to sleep and grabs it when we get her out of her crib.  The only place she gets to take it with her is to church because she isn't too fond of being in the nursery right now.  Otherwise it stays in the car so that we don't lose it. 

I have been looking for a new one since March.  Pottery Barn Kids does not have them anymore and I have periodically looked on ebay.  One of my friends is on ebay ALOT and I have had her on the lookout for one.  She found one last week!  I gave her a limit for the bid, and WE GOT IT!  I have to say that I am shocked at the amount I paid for it.  Let's just say that it was 3 times more than it originally cost.  Someone out there made quite a profit off of me.  However, I now have a replacement for Fu-Fu when I need it. 

Here are some pics of the old and the new:

Misc 026  Misc 027 

Misc 030