The photo shoot at the arboretum today was definitely NOT what I call a success.  The lighting was off and it was so humid that my Mom's glasses were fogging up and she couldn't see what she was doing.  Sooooo, most of the pictures were blurred and the lighting is just not good.  However, we were on a mission.  While, I wanted to get some of Trent for his 3 yr. old pictures and I wanted some of them together, we got what we were after.
T&MSept_08_016vvsplit copy
I have a picture of Trent on this same exact trail and I can just imagine them hung right by each other in our new house (some day). 

While the rest of the pictures didn't turn out so great we did get one really good one of Trent and one sweet one of the two of them.  I just wish the colors popped more in the one of the two of them together.  We will definitely be redoing some of these, but Mission Accomplished!
T&MSept_08_178vv copy

T&MSept_08_114tdw copy