1 year and 1 week ago, Maggie had her Cardiac Catheterization.

1 year and 6 days ago, we (and the doctors) thought Maggie would lose some of her fingers due to cath complications.

1 year and 5 days ago, we were sent home reassured that all would be okay.

1 year ago, we were dreading Maggie's upcoming surgery.  We went to our local arboretum and took family pictures.  We took them wondering if they would be our last ones.  Today, my Mom and I took the kids to the arboretum for a mini photo shoot.  It was amazing watching my beautiful children playing and holding each other's hands while "trying" to pose for a picture.  My big 3 year old loves posing for the pictures and being silly.  My sweet angel girl, was toddling around like any other 17 month old.  She loves the attention and deserves every bit of it.

God has been so good to us this last year.  For those of you who see Maggie on a regular basis, you know that she is as active as any other 17 month old.  She is an amazing fighter and I am so proud of her. 

God, thank you for this last year.  You are unfathomable.

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