Kirbie I thought that it might be nice for you to all put a face with the name.  This is Kirbie.  She is a very sick teenager.  I asked you to pray for her earlier this week.  I got more information last night.  Here are 2 notes from her dad.  The first one was written earlier this week and the second was written last night:
To give everyone a background. We were at a hotel by six flags when Kirbie awoke at 230 am. She could not breath and her chest was hurting. We call 911 and then she went into a seizuire. We got to the hosptal in St. Louis. As we found out that her heart was in acute rejection, Kirbe had another seizure. This sent her into cardiac arrest. Her heart stopped and CPR was given until her heart came back. 15 minutes. Kirbie spent the first three days in a COMA. She has come out of her coma, but with limited function. Now starts he long road. While she mildly responds, we are encouraged by things we are seeing. She raised her hand today and mom and I believe that she is being able to focus her eyes. She is still on a ventilator but hopefully soon to to be removed. Now, we do not know the extent of possible brain damage. She is defying the odds and showing signs of improvements. Remember, this is going to be a long road and we need your help. Keep the faith and your prayers as they are working. I will be in contact wth Ashley, Rachael and Sara as we know more. From Kirbie's mom and dad, we thank each of you. It is so nice to see the Care and so many friends and support. To the fabulous nine girls who came to see Kirbie, We love each of you.

Mom and Dad

Well it has been a tough day. In trying to maintain a normal temp, a new machine arrived that helps her stay at a constant temp. This has taken a toll on her. The next 48 hours is very critical. We are hoping with her temp steady, this will give her heart a fighting chance to improve its functon. The medicine levels need to be coming down in order for her other organs not to become damaged. We did get the MRI results and it shows that she does have significant brain damage. It is too early at this point to speculate the capicity of her functions but know that we have seen her pull through and overcome many obstacle and know that she is fighting. We know that shecan here us and we are constantly giving her encouragement. Her brother Spencer is a ROCK! He is very aware of the possibilities and knows of her brain damage, yet he continues to smle and go see his sister. Spencer idolizes and loves his sister and it shows. Thank you all again for all your thoughts and prayers. Kirbie, we love you so very much and want you to keep on fighting. We are right here with you!

Dad & Mom

Please, please pray for Kirbie.  She needs a miracle.  We all know that God is able to heal Kirbie.  I believe that it is always okay to ask God to do what we wish to happen.  However, we should always pray that His will will ultimately be accomplished. 
Please pray that they will be able to keep Kirbie's temp constant and that they will be able to reduce her heart meds.  Also, pray that her brain function will increase and that her body will stop rejecting her heart.  Pray for wisdom for her doctors and peace and rest for her family.  Pray that in all things God's will will be done and that no matter what Kirbie's family will know that He loves them unconditionally. 
Thank you so much for your prayers.