Trent Ryan,

I can't believe that you are 3 years old.  Yes, just as every mama says, "the time has flown by".  You are growing up so fast.  I keep telling you to slow down.  I want you to grow and get older, but I just want it to go slower.  You are one amazing little boy.  I love everything about you.  You have the most amazing blue eyes and the sweetest smile.  I love your blonde hair, and I love that you like to wear it spiky.  You call it your "big boy hair".  My favorite thing about you physically are your "squishy" cheeks.  Your face is the softest face I have ever felt.  I love giving you kisses just so I can feel your soft face. 

You enjoy every minute of life.  Whether you are watching t.v., playing outside, playing with your monster trucks, eating, or wrestling with Daddy, you enjoy every minute of it.  This makes it so much fun to be around you.  This passion causes some problems sometimes because you get frustrated very easily.  You get frustrated when you can't figure something out or if people aren't doing something the way you think it should be done.  Mommy and Daddy are trying to teach you to be calm even when you are so frustrated.  You'll learn someday. 

You love sports.  You like to watch soccer, baseball, basketball, volleyball, and tennis.  However, your favorite is golf.  You watch golf on t.v., you love to play real golf, and you love to play Wii golf.  Your favorite birthday present was your new set of golf clubs.  I have never seen a little boy so into golf.  Maybe you're the next Tiger Woods!  :-)  It will be very interesting to see if you continue to like golf.  I often wonder if this is God's way of giving you and Maggie something to have in common because golf is a sport that a lot of heart kids play.  We'll see.  Only time will tell.  You also LOVE monster trucks.  They are your favorite toys and you have a ton of them.  You take them everywhere so it is hard to keep up with them.  Anything at an angle becomes a ramp for your trucks.

You also love to learn.  You are so much like your Daddy.  You and Daddy sit and read the encyclopedias together.  You love to do school with me.  You know all of your letters and their sounds, and we are working on lots more.  It is so neat to see how proud you are when you do a good job.  Your face lights up.  You are starting to really enjoy your Bible stories, and this makes me so happy. 

You love your family.  You are learning to get along with Maggie.  She frustrates you sometimes but you are starting to enjoy her.  Trent, she loves you so much.  She copies everything you do and wants to be just like you.  We are trying to teach you to protect her always.  That's what big brothers do.  You love your Papa and Mammie.  You are such a lucky boy because you get to live with them while we are building our house.  I'm not sure you will understand when we move.  Your Papa can do no wrong.  I guess that's how it should be.  You are so lucky that you get to see your cousins so often.  You guys are going to be such good friends. 

Trent Ryan, I have so many hopes and dreams for you but they all boil down to one thing.  I pray that you will grow up and learn to love the Lord with your whole heart.  I pray that you will follow Him and stive to be like Christ.  This is what I desire for you.

I love you, Trent Ryan Mahoney.

All my love,