• Watched Seth and Abby until 12:30
  • Ryan's nephews Joe (11) and Grant (8) came over in the morning and will be here until Sunday afternoon
  • Ryan was off so he started getting the yard ready for Trent's party
  • Maggie started getting a cold
  • Did odds and ends for Trent's party


  • Yard Work.  By the Way, the yard looks great.
  • Got pool ready
  • House Work
  • Cooked
  • Started making Trent's cake
  • Maggie still has a yucky nose
  • Trent is getting excited for his party
  • Watched Michael Phelps win #8
  • Ate ice cream!


  • Go to Sunday School
  • Bring the kids back home for naps
  • Finish party details
  • Trent's Birthday Party!
  • Clean Up
  • Crash

By the Way, this has been a really neat week.  Maggie's story has impacted the lives of two complete strangers to us (soon to be friends).  One heart mom found my blog through another blog and Maggie's beautiful pictures brought her so much hope for a "normal" life for her 5 week old little girl.  This little one has HLHS (similar to Maggie's but the other side of the heart).  Then on Monday, Ryan called me and said that a guy he used to work with called him and told him about his neighbor who is 24 weeks pregnant and recently found out that her baby girl has HRHS (VERY close to what Maggie has).  Ryan gave his friend our email info and my blog address to give to this family.  I didn't know if they would contact us or not, but they did!  I am so glad that this new heart mama did.  I hurt so badly for them.  I will share more of their story, if I get permission to do so.  It is so nice to have other heart moms to talk to and share our stories with.  I am a little farther in this journey than both of these moms, and Maggie's story (God's story) has given them so much hope in such a hopeless time.  I look forward to getting to know both of these moms better.  Please be praying for them as God has placed them on a very scary journey.