Boy, things sure have been busy around here.  Just when I think things are going to slow down, it gets crazy again.  Thursday, I started watching my niece and nephew (Seth and Abby).  I will be watching them every day until they start school in late August and early Sept.  So, I have 4 kids who are 4 yrs. old and under.  They are all about a year apart.  Most of the time they pretty well together.  The girls are at exciting ages because neither of them wants to share.  This makes for some interesting times. 
Today, I took them to a MOPS playdate.  They were showing Peter Pan.  They were all really good.  Maggie wasn't too fond of sitting still – go figure.  Thursday, Trent and Seth have gymnastics so I will be chasing the two girls around.  Fun!  All in all, they are being really good. 

Besides that, we have been busy meeting with contractors to get bids on our house.  We have met with 3 so far and have 1 more tonight.  We love 2 of them and one would have to be drastically and I mean DRASTICALLY cheaper for us to go with him.  Just wasn't a good personality match.  If you know what I mean.

AND, if that wasn't enough, Trent's birthday party is Sunday!  My big boy is going to be 3 and I can't believe it.  He is having a Monster  Truck party so I have a cake to make this weekend.  It should be pretty cute.  I'm even enlisting the help of my fairly (definitely more so than me) artistic hubby.