Well, Maggie reached another milestone this week.  She doesn't take bottles anymore.  :-(  Wednesday,  I decided to try taking them away during the day and I was going to let her have one at bed time.  Well, she didn't even care if she got it at bedtime.  However, I wanted one last good snuggle and I gave her one.  She barely drank it.  So, yesterday there were no bottles at all and she was perfectly fine. 

This has always been the hardest thing for me to give up.  Yes, I said ME.  Trent was way more attached to them so the process took longer with him, but I still hated it.  I hate it even more with Maggie. 
Side Note: I know 16 months is considered "too old" to still have bottles, but for goodness sake that is still a baby.  I've never really understood what the point of taking them away at 12 months was anyway.
So, why is it so hard?  To me, this is the last real "baby" thing they have.  Yes, she still sleeps in her crib and yes she still has her paci, but the bottle is so much more special than those things.  It is our snuggle time, and it seems to make everything better. 

This time it is a little bit harder because I don't know if I will ever have another baby.  We had always planned to have 4 kids.  However, Maggie's heart defects have changed that quite a bit.  Our chances of having another heart baby are now doubled (at least).  So, that makes it a very hard decision for us.  No, it is not a guarantee that we would have another heart baby, but it is not a guarantee that we won't either.  I don't feel that this is a "fair" risk for us to take.  We have always wanted to adopt so that is what we are leaning toward but we don't know what age and when, etc… So, I am a little bit sad this week. 

My sweet baby girl is growing up too fast and it is so hard. 

(It will be nice to not have to pack bottles!