I am grinning from ear to ear right now.  Why?

My baby girl is now a toddler.  She's walking!  She took a couple itty bitty steps last week and today she has taken lots.  The best thing is that she does it on cue.  The first couple times she did it, I just enjoyed watching and cheering.  Then I ran downstairs to get the video camera.  She was sitting down when I got back upstairs, but when I asked her to walk she stood right up and started walking. 

As you all know, she is one determined little girl (and has been since day one).  Until today, she was determined NOT to walk.  Today, she's determined to walk!  When she loses her balance she stands right back up and takes more steps.  I am so proud of her.  She's sleeping right now.  I think she's a little worn out.  The best part?  Her daddy is home today so he got to see all of it!  Unfortunately, her Mammie is on vacation.  She will be quite sad that she missed it.

Today's her 16 month birthday, by the way.  Happy Birthday, little one.  I'm so proud of you.