This week we have done a decent amount of hiking.  On Monday, we hiked up to Adams Falls and it was beautiful.  Trent had a blast touching the water and throwing rocks in.  It was a short hike but had some steep parts to it.  He hiked the whole way up and part of the way down.  Then he got in his backpack and Papa carried him the rest of the way.  We are guessing that is almost 40 extra pounds that he carried.  I carried Maggie in her backpack and she did great.  We had taken her on some walks at home in it so she was pretty used to it.  She fell asleep on the way down.  We then had a picnic by Grand Lake and Trent was in heaven:  food, rocks, and water.  What more could a boy need?

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After our picnic, we drove to Coyote Valley and Trent got to wade in the Colorado River!  It was freezing, but he had so much fun.  Maggie slept in her stroller and was cute as can be.  I enjoyed watching Trent and Ryan having a blast in the water. 

Tuesday, Ryan, Trent, and my Dad did some maintance work around the house and we girls went shopping in Winter Park.

Wednesday, we went back up to Adams Falls and my Mom took our family pictures.  We were due for a new one and what better place than the mountains!  We took lots more, but I will post them later.  I’m thinking the first one might be a great Christmas Card!

 ColJuly08_201(2)   ColJuly08_230bw(2) ColJuly08_241(2)

Thursday morning, Trent told me that he “needed” to go fishing.  This was totally his idea.  So, his Dad and Papa went and bought him his first pole and they went fishing.  I got to stay at the house and read my book.  They came back home with a fish!  Trent caught a trout on his first fishing trip.  BTW, they went fishing where my brothers and I used to go when we were little.  After lunch, we drove into Rocky Mountain National Park and did some sightseeing.  It was raining so we didn’t get out much.  We saw a little bit of wildlife:  deer, elk, marmots, and some ground squirrels.  We were hoping for a bear or moose, but no such luck.

Friday, we went on a “real” hike.  It was very steep and pretty long.  We didn’t hike to the top of Mount Ida but we were close.  We got above tree line.  It was a pretty hike with a beautiful view.  There were lots of cascades where the snow was melting off the mountain.  So, Trent enjoyed the “waterfalls”. 

Today, we played mini golf which Trent thoroughly enjoyed.  Now, we are back at the house and most everyone is taking a nap. 

Tomorrow, we will clean and head back down to Denver.  Ryan is leaving on a business trip to San Diego on Monday morning.  He is flying out of Denver so we are all going to spend the night there.  Monday morning we will tackle the drive home.  It has been a great vacation.  I always love the mountains in the summer and I’m glad the kiddos have had a good time.  I can only begin to imagine the memories they will have here.  I will post the rest of the pics when I get home, but I thought you might enjoy a good sampling.