The first night in the mountains we went to a small town rodeo.  This was Trent and Maggie’s first rodeo and they both enjoyed it quite a bit.  While we purchased our tickets, a guy asked us if Trent was going to do “Mutton Bustin”.  I have been to several rodeos and they usually have an event where the kiddos all chase after a calf with money attached to its tail.  I assumed that this is what Trent would be doing only with a sheep.  Trent got his #8 pinned to his back and headed in to the arena.  Several kids went in with helmets on.  “Boy, their parents sure are protective”, I thought.  Then they brought out the first sheep, announced the first contestant, put a helmet on him, placed him on the sheep’s back, and let the sheep go.  The sheep took off running VERY fast and the poor kiddo landed on the ground.  “Oh, now I see what the helmet is for”.  They are basically dong bull riding only with sheep.  I was a little bit nervous after a couple kids landed underneath the poor sheep, but there was no backing out now.  By the way, he was the youngest kid out there.  They put Trent on his sheep and off it went.  He probably wasn’t even on for a second.  He landed face first on the ground and got a mouth full of dirt.  He cried for a little bit but stopped as soon as they gave him his very own ribbon and t-shirt.  He was so proud of his ribbon.  He held on to it all night, and kept saying, “This is MY ribbon”.  He was so proud of himself and so were we.  By the way, he had dirt up his nose and that was a little tricky to get out during bath time.  I have some pretty cute pictures and will add them when I can.

Waiting For His Turn


Getting On His Sheep.  Check out how big it is.  These definitely weren’t little lambs.


Getting Ready To Go


Off He Goes.  Look at him Fly!  Take a close look at his hands and feet.


Now, For the Ribbon


Watching her Bubby