I am busy packing my bags and spending precious time with my kiddos.  Why?  Because I leave tomorrow for heart camp, Camp Rhthym.  When Maggie was in the hospital for her 1st surgery, one of the nurses told us about Camp Rhthym.  It is an all week camp for kids who have had heart surgeries.  There is a day camp for the little guys (4-8 yrs. old) and all week camp for the older kids.  They get to do all of the normal summer camp stuff, but there is an added bonus:  everyone there is just like them.  They don't have to explain the scar on their chest, why they get tired so fast, and why they take so many medicines.  They don't have to be embarrased because they are different from the other kids at camp.  Their parents can rest assured that they are in good hands because there are 2 cardiologists (our beloved Dr. Sharkey will be there all week) and several cardiac nurses looking over them all week.  They will get to enjoy swimming, hiking, crafts, archery, sports, and crazy night time activities!  I love the fact that they get to do all of this in a safe environment right here in St. Louis. 

I leave tomorrow afternoon for counselor training and I don't come back home until Friday afternoon.  Yep, that's right 6 nights away from my sweet kids.  My AMAZING husband is taking a week off work to stay home with them.  I will miss them so much.  I just pray that they don't miss me too much.  I'm pretty sure Trent will do fine, but Maggie has never been away from me for more than 3 nights and that was 9 months ago.  Pray that Maggie and Trent are good for Ryan and pray that God gives Ryan patience.  We all know how much he will need it.  Oh, and my Mom is taking pictures at camp all week so she won't be here to help him either. 

For all of you who are wondering, yes, some day (quite too soon) Maggie will get to go to Camp Rhythm too.