Maggie has SO MUCH energy.  Every day we look at her and wonder where it comes from.  This child has 80-82% oxygen saturation.  For those of you who don't know, healthy people have 100%.  In my mind she should be sleepy and lethargic.  HA!  FAR FROM IT!  My baby girl is so good at proving us all wrong.  She goes non stop.  She crawls all over the place, cruises around furniture, and is starting to climb on whatever she can.  She is so close to walking.  It won't be long.  Even when you hold her she is sooooo squirmy.  We are truely enjoying this time with our spunky little girl.  We saw her surgeon in the waiting room the other day while we were waiting to see a different doctor.  Dr. Gandhi thought she looked great, and he loved seeing her cheeks so rosy.  He hadn't seen her since September.  It is such a treat to see her so happy and healthy.  I am doing my best to cherish every minute.