Seth and Abby had their birthday party at the Little Gym a month ago and both of our kids had a blast!  So, I looked into their classes for Trent.  They had a parent/child class for 2 year olds and then an independent class for 3-4 yr. olds.  I really wanted him to take a class without me because I knew he would be braver if  I wasn't there to "save" him.  I called and they said that he could try out the Funny Bug class and see if he was ready for it.  They wanted to make sure he would stay with the class, follow instructions, and not wander off.  I honestly didn't know how he would do.

Yesterday, was the first class and it was a little bit of an adventure.  We got there a little bit early and Maggie and Trent were so excited when they realized where we were.  I carefully told Trent that he would need to listen to his teacher, follow instructions, stay with the class, share, etc…  I was really afraid he wouldn't get to stay in the 3 yr. old class.  He went in and was very excited to do all of the activities.  He stayed right with his class and did as well as the other kids.  Whew, it was going smoothly.  What was I worried about?  Well, they got ready to do their first little obstacle course thing and the teacher was explaining how to do it.  Trent would sit down, stand up, sit down, stand up.  I just thought he was excited.  Pretty soon the teacher brought him to me.  I thought he needed to go potty.  Ooops, he already went.  My son who has been potty trained for months and hasn't had an accident for at least 2 months, peed in his pants.  All over the floor!  He couldn't sit still because he needed to pee!  Poor Guy!  Well, I had left his back pack at church on Sunday and hadn't had time to go get it so I didn't have a change of clothes.  I changed his underwear and we ran over to the resale shop which was luckily right next door.  He missed the first little routine, but made it back for the rest of class.  He was a little distracted, wandered a little bit so I was afraid the teacher would say he wasn't ready.  However, he said that he did great.  Trent loved it, and we have a few things to work on at home this week.  I am so glad that he gets to do this.  It will be so good for him to learn all of these new things:  follow instructions, take turns, balance, coordination, etc…

Maggie, well she was very upset that she didn't get to go play too.  She knew exactly where we were and didn't understand why Trent got to play and she didn't.  Poor baby. 

I'll take pictures next week.  It was enough of an adventure without worrying about a camera.