Please pray for a little boy named, Tate.  He is the little boy that we met in the heart station last week during Maggie’s appointment.  He had his Fontann last Wednesday, and still has a little way to go before he can go home.  He turned the corner today, but he still needs our prayer.  Please pray that he keeps eating, has a bowell movement, the bleeding stops, and his pain goes away.  I know you do not know this little guy, but remember this is where we will be next summer. 

Also, Maggie and I are making a trip to TX this week to see my friend Sarah and my aunts.  We will be flying to Houston on Wednesday and coming home on Monday.  It should be lots of fun.  Pray for travel safety…  I hate flying.  Pray that Maggie is a good girl on the plane, and pray that we sit by someone nice.  Also, pray that Maggie stays healthy while we are gone.  I am looking forward to our trip, but I will miss Trent like crazy.  Oh yeah, and Ryan too.  🙂

Thanks in advance for all of your prayers.