Maggie had her cardiologist appointment today, and it went really well.  Maggie had her echocardiogram and EKG 1st.  That went way better than I thought that it would.  She was pretty mad, but she did not scream the WHOLE time like I thought she would.  They were able to get images of what they needed without sedating her!  Dr. Sharkey said that everything looked  great!  Her Oxygen Saturations were at 82% which is right where they thought they would be.  Dr. Sharkey is guessing that her Fontann will be next summer (2009).  This is later than I had hoped for.  I really wanted it done before she was 2 so she wouldn’t remember it.  It could be sooner or later than next summer.  They will wait until her saturations drop into the middle 70’s.  It was good to hear that she is doing so well.  I needed the reassurance that everything was fine.  We don’t go back until October!  However, I will get to see Dr. Sharkey at Heart Camp this summer. 

The best part of the day happened in the waiting room.  Maggie was in her stroller looking around the room and started "visiting" with another family.  They thought she was absolutely adorable (of course :-)) and asked why we were there.  It ended up that their youngest son (3 yrs old) has very similar heart defects and he is having his Fontann surgery tomorrow.  While, I hate hearing that someone else has had to go through the same pain, I LOVE meeting other heart moms.  There are so many people who want to help, listen, and try to understand.  However, there are only a few who TRUELY understand.  You cannot understand something like this unless you have lived it for yourself.  I have talked to only a few heart moms, but every time there has instantly been a bond that is indescribable.  We never run out of things to talk about, and we don’t have to apologize for talking "too much" about our heart kids.  It is really hard to not talk "too much" about Maggie in every day conversation.  In my head, I know that people want to talk about other things, but conversation always drifts back to Maggie.  I don’t mean for it to, but that is what consumes so much of our lives right now.  Anyway, it is really nice to not have to worry about that when I am visiting with other heart moms.  It was great to meet this heart mom today, and I will be praying for little Tate Cooper as he has his final surgery tomorrow morning.      

The interesting encounters in the waiting room did not end here.  As soon as this family walked out, a familiar face walked in.  It was a family whose baby boy had been right next to us in the PICU when Maggie was first admitted last April.  Little Avery, was born with several heart defects and received a heart transplant the week after Maggie went home from the hospital.  I had visited with Avery’s mom a few times in the PICU lounge and we hadn’t seen or heard from each other since then.  He was there for a check up to make sure there was no rejection of the new heart.  It was great to see them and know that Avery has been doing really well.