Maggiesbirthday_067 This weekend was wonderful!  Maggie’s birthday party was so much fun!  We had tons of family and friends at my Mom and Dad’s house (20 adults and 15 kids).  Needless to say, the house was full.  Everyone gathered to celebrate Maggie’s 1st year of life.  We watched her birthday video, ate, opened presents, watched her dive into her cake, and played outside.  The kids all behaved like angels.  Even though we pulled it off, I was exhausted.  So, I went home and crashed.  Sunday, we went to church and then went to Shaw’s Nature Reserve for a picnic and a walk.  They have a new kids area and Trent had lots of fun.  I needed this distraction as Sunday was exactly a year after we found out about Maggie’s heart defect.  It was a weekend full of lots of memories and fun!

I added lots of new pictures to Maggie’s 1st birthday album